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Over the past few months I received a lot of requests from people who are seeking more information about the outcome of their egg cleanse. Usually me, or one of my team members will share thoughts and experiences or pull a few tarot or energy cards  to provide a little bit of extra information regarding the energy that is surrounding you.

Does it cost money?

We always love to have a chat about your experience when there is time and no we’re not charging for that 🙂 

However, we also receive quit a few requests for interpretations and/or in dept card readings on clarification of the egg cleansing. Because the amount of requests and the time it consumes,  we sometimes do charge for this service. 

How does it work?

When you want an interpretation or a reading you can book here. Simply go to Egg Cleanse Reading and choose your reading. Don’t forget to add your contact details so we can get back to you.


You can always say hii through the chat or send a dm through social media if you have any simple questions regarding how to perform, or if you just want to chitchat about your experience (you can find the social media channels here.

Due to the different timezones (We’re in CEST), a lot of chats come in when we sleep. When you use the regular chat, don’t forget to leave your contacts so we can reach out to you. 

Hope to see you soon!


  • I’m not sure if I’m reading my egg correctly

  • Thanks for this info! I was headachy for a couple days and feeling low energy but as the candle burned, it slowly released and feeling better! Question though.. what do I now do with the egg?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Kaily
      You can add a bit of salt to the water and either flush it or bury it

  • I am not sure I am reading this egg cleansing right but it doesn’t look good. I cleansed my son, this is his egg. I think I see a brown dot and spikes going up with a bubble at the end. It does have something around the egg. The first time I did it, it came out with a lot of stuff, it is a little cleaner now

    • You can always send pictures by email or whatsapp, that makes it easier to see what you’re describing.

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