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Fire Scrying

Best way to do this is outside with a bonfire, but inside with a simple candle will do just as good. Just make sure you won’t be disturbed, turn off your cellphone, the tv and eliminate other things that might distract you. If you like you can burn some incense and play some meditative music.. Feel free to do whatever helps you to create a nice atmosphere.
Light your candle and watch how the flame grows taller and brighter. Breath deeply and calm entry to relax completely as you watch how the flame dances. Can you feel the strong energy of fire? Fire is passion and can heal, harm and change, but fire can also be destructive. Its a very powerful element and stands for strength and will power.  Pay attention to your mind wandering.. where’s it going? What is it that needs attention? Maybe you see clear images in the flame or in your minds eye.. shapes or shadows.. What is it that pops into mind? What ideas are emerging? 

Maybe you see or even hear things that don’t make any sense during Fire Scrying.. That’s okay, they don’t have to make sense now.. Messages often come to us in various ways from different realms and they don’t always make sense to our conscious mind. Make sure you write everything down that comes to mind, everything you hear and see in the flame or in your minds eye or in any other way.Just take things as they come and go, take notes and just let things flow.. Allow time and space to process things and what you may not understand now will probably make sense in a while.

When you’re ready just look away from the fire, close your eyes and relax. Feel whatever it is that you feel and notice the sensations in your body.. Give thanks to spirit and extinguish the flame or leave it burning ♡

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