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Sooo past week we had 7 planetary bodies in retrograde taking us back over past grounds ? Not in a sense of re-living it, but more in a sense of being an observer.. A silent still observer, witnessing the part we played in our past (The same planetary bodies were in Rx when I was born btw ?)

We all have memories from our past, about who we were and the roles we played. We act on who we were yesterday, 2 years ago, a decade ago.. and we bring that forward to today. These retrogrades help us to press pause and make a choice; Play it again.. and again? Or stop and release? 

Past week the warrior planet joined the retrograde brigade (as Jasmin called it in an earlier post) and this can stir things into the heated. With Mars being my ruling planet, retrograding in my sign, things might hit me a little bit harder. The warrior internalized and I can already feel this pressure cooker feeling arising ?

Things that haven’t healed properly will resurface and now is all about acknowledging what’s really going on and facing facts. The coming period will force you to address the origins of you pain so you can heal ?

Past Sunday Jupiter moved direct and with the dark moon coming up it’s the ideal moment to release all these things that keep haunting you.. memories that stop you from having healthy relationships in the here and now..

Tomorrow’s Dark Moon ? can help us release.. Followed by the super new moon on Thursday, which can help create new beginnings.. Easy, slowly and conscious though.. ‘cause we’re still moving through the retrograde tunnel.. It’s not the time for impulsive behavior..

Instead, take time to meditate, raise awareness and focus. Pay attention to what you are doing this coming period.

Are you diving into the spiritual realm? Are you reading books about things that interest you or maybe even taking a course? Then take time to actually apply what you are learning.. Don’t just read, don’t hide but take action and apply.

What are you focusing on? Watch where your attention is going.. You might feel some disconnection, uncertainty or frustration. What’s playing over and over in your head? Whom or what keeps coming into your mind? Your energy is going there and you need to call it back home..

With the energies of the tower and emperor running high, try to slow down.. observe.. & become aware of your behavior & energies.

I’ve made a little tarot spread you can use to check-in with yourself and if you like to follow a guided mediation on releasing things then feel free to shoot me a dm ♡

Stay grounded, Stay safe & All power to you ?

May ?

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  • Props for that towercard ?? Fits the energy like a glove ? Will check in with the spread tomorrow ✌?

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