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Egg Cleansing

So, today I want to talk about egg cleansing 😊 Maybe you’ve already heard about it since it gained some popularity over the past period.

What is it?

Egg Cleansing is a form of spiritual cleansing that is rooted in many (ancient) cultures. It is said that an uncooked egg will absorb all negative and blocked energy and will remove whatever that doesn’t serve you. It will remove the energetic shattered negative pieces that travel through your aura and body. The egg will absorb it all and hold it so you can get rid of it.

Egg cleansing can be used when you feel emotionally drained, when you feel energetically stuck,Β when you’re trying to heal from a nasty break-up, emotional trauma or when you’re battling with internal chaos. You might suffer from insomnia, nightmares or blockages and you feel like you could use a good spiritual cleanse? Then this egg cleansing ritual might help you a little πŸ₯š


So what do you need?

πŸ₯š1 Egg (preferably organic)

πŸ₯š1 White candle ( I like to use a spellcandle but used a tea light today)

πŸ₯š1 Clear glass of water (glass, not plastic)

πŸ₯šSalt (I used Dead Sea Salt)

πŸ₯šSomething to (spiritually) cleanse the area (i.e sage, palo santo, frankincense etc)Β 

πŸ₯šOptional; crystals and/or oil or bodylotion

Before I do the egg cleanse I like to cleanse my room (cause that’s where I’ll do the egg cleansing). Some like to (spiritually) clean the whole house, some say you have to cleanse it a day before, but I guess that’s up to you. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I like to do it right before instead of a day before, cause a lot can happen in a day πŸ˜‰

Basically you’re going to light some sage, palo santo, frankincense, and go through the area. If you normally use something else to (spiritually) cleanse an area then that’s fine too. It’s meant to release any negative energy and ask that only positive energy will remain (don’t forget to open a window or door so the negative energy can leave).

Make sure the egg is room temperature and wash it with water.

Light the white candle, hold the egg between your hands and connect with your spirit guides or ancestors, maybe say a little prayer or when that’s not your cup of tea, you can just state your intentions or speak something from the heart. As you do the cleanse you leave the candle burning and let it extinguish itself.

Hold the egg in your dominant hand and move it over your body. Start at the top of your head and pass it over every part of your body to the soles of your feet and back up while you switch hands.

Listen to your body and notice the things you feel. If you feel tension somewhere make sure to stay there a little longer.Β 

As you are doing this you can visualise all negative energy being absorbed by the egg and maybe say a few things to whoever or whatever you want to address to for help. I always like to speak to the universe or my guides as I ask to please help me cleanse me from all forms of negativity.. Β Cleanse me of the negative energies that are created by me or that are sent to me.. Cleanse my aura, my body, my mind and my soul.. Take my negative thoughts and attachments, spells or illnesses.. Everything that doesn’t serve me well.. Take them all and Transform them into light.

Break the egg into the clear glass of water and dust yourself off with your hands (some like to use a crystal for this), and finish with β€œsealing” your body with a bodylotion or oil and give thanks. Now you’re ready to read the egg.Β 

Please don’t throw away the eggshells! Β You can save them and use them for protection. Read here how to make eggshell powder/cascarillaΒ and how you can use it.

Reading the Egg:

πŸ₯šIf the yolk stays whole and sinks to the bottom it is a good sign.

πŸ₯šIf the yolk is whole and stays in the middle or rises to the top something is not okay and someone is trying to harm you.

πŸ₯šBubbles are a sign of Negative Energy pointed to you.

πŸ₯šBalloons are a sign of a cage. Could be that someone has you trapped in a situation or you’re keeping yourself caged.

πŸ₯šIf there is a shape in the yolk then try to determine the shape cause that’ll be the problem.

πŸ₯šPointy shapes or spikes going up are negative energy that people have put on you from envy or jealousy. Can you clearly see the forms of needles or nails, then it’s believed that there are people who have casted spells on you and want you to feel bad.

πŸ₯šDownwards pointing sharpies are a sign of resentment that you have for someone or over a situation and still have to deal with.

πŸ₯šIf the yolk is coated someone is bothering you or provoking you.

πŸ₯šIf the yolk has red or black spots on it that means diseases or illnesses (doesn’t necessarily mean physical).

πŸ₯šCobwebs mean someone is jealous and wants you to fail or something is entangling you which is stopping you from moving forward.

πŸ₯šIf it is cloudy with grey or black above the yolk with bubbles and spikes then that is said to be the evil eye.

When you’re done you sprinkle some salt in the glass and flush it in the bathroom or bury it.


If you’re still not sure what to make out of it,Β  we can always share thoughts and experiences on the subject or pull a few cards on it. For more information you canΒ click here, or come say hii through the chat. If you want to book an interpretation right away you can click here.

To read how to make protective eggshell powder/cascarilla click here.

So here’s my egg..


I’m very curious what you guys see in it!

Hope this post inspires you to do an egg cleanse & reading πŸ₯š Please share your experience when you do! Would love to hear all about it

Be blessed, Stay safe & Stay radiant 🌈

May 🌿



  • I definitely see the bubbles and sharp objects pointing upwards! Also at the first clear picture it seems like someone (starting f the yolk) is reaching up with both hands and holding on to the bubbles.. Might indicate that you yourself are holding on to the negativity that is directed you. All you have to do is let go.
    This is new to me and my first attempt of reading an egg. Have to say that I love it and will try this one myself. Thx for sharing dear ?

    • I like your interpretation and I have to say that it was one thought among others I had myself after the cleans. Thank you for sharing! ?

  • Cheering for the English post ? The dutch one took me way too long to translate xd. In our family the meanings are quite similar. I like Jasmins interpretation and I can see that image too in that picture. The picture with the darker background reminds me of the devil card, I see a devil like figure with horns raising his hands up to a female with dark hair, white dress who’s sitting on the ground (arms down, knees pulled up)

    • Omgoshhh now I see it too ? Raising it’s hands up with strings to the negativity bubbles! Thank you for sharing this utterly creepy scenery ?? No but seriously, I agree with Jay.. definitely a good catch! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this ?

  • @D. I already said it before, but I’ll say it again, Incannit underbrush scenery anymore ? Good catch bro

  • I did an egg cleanse yesterday and last night and today I am feeling really bad. My insides are sore. Very uncomfortable and did not sleep well.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Jen. Do you think it has anything to do with the cleanse?

  • I did a cleanse today and the first one came out with allot of bubbles on top and a lot of strings with what I would call rain drops on them.. so I cleansed again and when I did the egg there was no strings or bubbles just yolk surrounded in what I would say is a cloud.. any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Blessed be!

    • Sounds interesting Dawn Stroud! It would be easier to share thoughts if we could see a picture. I’m curious to see what the raindrops look like (you can register and post on the blog, or send a picture by mail)
      Kind regards from one of the teams readers ✌?

  • My egg yolk isnt whole it separated and has blood

    • Could you send in a picture by mail?

  • What does it mean when a figure like death comes up in the egg? I’ve had this come up 3 times in the past month and I’ve also had the evil eye one.

    • Did you happen to save a picture? Death isn’t always a bad sign

    • Transformation and change is coming

  • Hello my egg has a baby in the white part can someone tell me what that means

    • Hello Ericka, you can always send in a picture if you like. A baby can point to pregnancy, but also to new beginnings

  • What does it mean when there’s a white dot on the yolk?

    • Hello Maya, do you happen to have a picture? You can send it in by mail. Usually it doen’t mean anything specific. Often it’s the place where the yolk is connected to the eggwhite.

  • I need help reading my egg.

  • Please, read my egg. What is your email address? Please.

  • hii,
    me and my mom did an eggcleansing too but her egg was growing when wass in the watter not that i broke but growing what does that mean? and by mine i had the egg and a little egg atached to it is that the energy of my baby (pragnent)?? someone hass an idea what it meens??


  • Please help! I just performed this with my friend and her egg had a LOT of needles, and bubbles and some strange shapes. i would really like some insight on ours eggs if i could send you some pictures? Thank you so much.

  • What if there are 2 strings from top of the water to the bottom? Plus they are crossing, making an x. The bubbles at the top, popped after a couple minutes and there are a lot of balloons on one side of the egg.

  • Hi, what does it mean when a person feels very ill the day after an egg cleansing? Thanks in advance

  • Hi! I did an egg cleanse on myself and cant interpret.. the yolk sank to the bottom- the yolk was coverd in like a halo/ helmet like white coating thst looked like soiderwebs with upward spikes. There was bubbles on the ends of the upward spikes and tons of small bubbles all around the bottom of the glass surrounding the yolk. And a few strings that floated to the top of the glass?

  • Hey, so I am beginning me and my daughter cleanse for the year and when I did mine I had to baby fetus shapes in the bottom of my glass floating. I been trying to figure out online what it means, but could you help me?

  • Can you read me and my daughter egg

  • I did this on myself and had horrible back pain the next day and then I did it two more days in row what could that mean and also I did it on my son and it halo on it what does that mean

  • What does it mean when I see like a cross on the top of the water but it’s floating?

  • I’ve done this egg cleaning before but never have I ever seen the egg yolk rise to the top after four minutes give or take do you have any idea as to why that would happen or have you ever encounter some thing like that usually the egg stays in the bottom is it because it separated me from some thing I would like to know your opinion thanks a lot for your time

  • My wife has been very sick and a relative suggested the limpia. I’m praying that this works.

    • Hope it worked out well

  • Hi I did an egg cleanse on myself is there anyway I can get your email so that I may send it to you? Thank You

  • Hello..I did an egg cleanse but my mother and grandmother say they see a baby or embryo or form of a baby on my egg. Also a little bit of shell got into my egg cleanse glass as well. Anyone knows what this means?..

  • I did my egg cleanse and I really don’t know how to read it correctly because I view it in both good and bad but I’m not quite sure exactly…will u please help me I can send pictures

    • Yes of course you may send pictures! You can use email or whatsapp if you like

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