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Hi and welcome!!

I see you’ve found your way over to the Community part of his website 🙂

Come and join in on the fun and help us create this magical garden. And while you’re at it let’s talk tarot, divination, herbs, astrology, witchery and spirituality above and beyond..

Here in our Spiritual Garden we share and receive information. This is a place where you can read, learn, discuss and share your story. Your path is uniquely yours and I would love to hear more about your journey ♡ Feel free to join in on topics of interest, ask a question, post an experience and share knowledge. Participate in challenges, join a group, receive a reading or become a reader in our garden.. If you’d rather just hang around and linger in the back then that’s fine too 😉 You can check in our newsfeed what’s going on in the Garden at the moment.

In our Spiritual Garden I ask of you to be nice, to be truthful, to be accountable and to be respectful to one another. Keep content appropriate and friendly. I know common sense might not be common nor sense these days, but I do expect it in here, so behave & treat each other with respect. Make sure to read our Community Guidelines

Sounds good? Then come on over and join our little family 🙂 We only just startes are are still busy planting the seeds that will make our garden flourish!

Trusted Readers

Everyone in our garden is allowed to give and receive readings. We do however have a few trusted readers who have been part of the team for quite a while.

All have their own specialities, style and ethics and you can easily recognize them by the trusted reader badge on their profile. You can connect with them through private message or send an email to to schedule an appointment.

Here in the garden we offer several options on how to receive your reading. This can be through text messages, audio and or video. Possible payments and/or donations to the reader can be done through paypal, ideal and bankcontact (you will receive your booking confirmation and proof of payment through email).

When you schedule a reading in private and outside the garden, we won’t provide a confirmation of your booking or proof of payment through mail.

Check out our readers’ profiles;


Witchy Woo