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❖ Every member of this community is a part of this family. We’re here for many different reasons but we’re all in a way, on a personal spiritual journey. In here we share our stories, we chitchat with others, participate in challenges or maybe you are just silently reading. Whatever you’re doing here, feel welcome and feel at home.

❖ We are a family of real people, all human and all equal. In here we read about experiences, happiness, joy, progress, insecurities, vulnerability, shadows and light. There are so many different ways to approach Spirituality and all of those ways are interesting. We look at these different approaches with respect as there are no right and wrongs or good and bad. There are thousands of different paths and your path is yours and therefore it’s true.There is no need to compete as we are here to learn from each other.

❖ In this family we care about each other and we will do our best to keep the community healthy and safe. We are accountable for everything we share and for the words we choose to use. We have to feel safe when we share our story, and we can only reach that when we have each others’ back, and are compassionate and supportive to one another.That means that we are kind and respectful of all people, their views, paths, religions and different approaches to life.

❖ Yes we learn and yes maybe we make mistakes sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean that harmful behaviour will be ignored. Safety of the community is our primary concern and we will deal with bad behaviour immediately.

❖There is absolutely no room for back-biting, insults, threatening, intimidation or making unwanted inappropriate requests. Hateful words or imagery, encouraging self-harm, bullying, violence, gore, harassment or harm of any kind, will not be tolerated (also keep this in mind when creating your username/setting your profile picture)

❖ Since there is no minimum age to register, make sure to be to be respectful of our youngers. Keep content appropriate, which includes no nudity, no sex, no drugs, no tobacco, no alcohol etc.

❖ Also, don’t seek mentors or offer mentorship or mastery in our family. It can put innocent members at risk and we don’t want it here.

❖ If you have questions about a reading or spread then please include your own interpretation first. 

❖ Don’t forget to cite sources (add that the picture is taken by you when that’s the case), credit the images used and don’t copy/paste texts that you did not create yourself (plagiarism js not allowed).

❖ Do not trust anyone with your personal, identifying information. We prohibits the sharing of personal information and location (so no meetups and such).

❖          ❖          ❖          ❖