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Let me tell you about a beautiful experience a little closer to home ? Yesterday there was a celebration of Beltane.. Celtic May Day, the second principal Celtic festival. The winter’s journey has passed and summer begins.. The growing season is here.. It’s about Union.. Celebrating life and the unity wich fosters it.. A time of fertility and the hope of a good harvest later in the hear and oh, so much more ! Well, I was invited to come celebrate this magical beginning of the second half of the ancient Celtic year.
With no expectations I drove 1,5 hours across our little country to meet up with a small group of people.. Some I met before, most I didn’t. I must admit I was a little nervous ?
But what a beautiful experience it was ! Made me realize once again that there is so much more to this world and that it’s okay to think outside the box, or to even get rid of the whole box idea (I mean, what box right ? Who made that box anyway ?!?)
Walking between two Belfires for purification, luck & fertility, meditation, leaping over the Belfire, circling around and weaving the handcrafted maypole, home made wine and cake with lavender, bread and.. ah well, there’s just so much I could tell you about this eve..But I won’t. I’ll just leave it at this and take this experience with me.. A special little thank you for Diana for taking me with you on this magical ride !

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