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Cascarilla / Eggshell powder

Cascarilla - Eggshell Powder Eggshell powder is a powder made from grinding white egg shells and has a multitude of uses. Eggshells are a natural source of calcium and are great to help clear your skin, fertilize your garden, add to your dogs diet and many more things. Today we'll talk about the spiritual and…

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Fire Scrying

Can you feel the strong energy of fire? Fire is passion and can heal, harm and change, but fire can also be destructive. Its a very powerful element and stands for strength and will power. Pay attention to your mind wandering.. where’s it going? What is it that needs attention?

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Egg Cleansing

Egg cleansing is a form of spiritual cleansing that is rooted in many (ancient) cultures. It will remove the energetic shattered negative pieces that travel through your aura and body. The egg will absorb it all and hold it so you can get rid of it.

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