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Uffington Castle, Whitehorse & Dragonhill in Oxfordshire

Although there wasn’t much time left before sunset, there still was one place that we wanted to see.. The Uffington Castle, Whitehorse and Dragonhill in Oxfordshire.. We didn’t realize it wasn’t around the corner, so when we finally was already dark 😆 They say the top of the hill is stunning, with views stretching in every direction as far as the eye can see.. I bet it is.. Well, when you arrive in daylight 🙈 but hey we didn’t travel British oldest road for nothing so we decided to park the car and explore the environment accompanied by our flashlights 😂 We came across some challenging elements when we climbed all the way up to the top of Whitehorse Hill and the site of Uffington Castle..(finding the way back to the car was just as challenging btw and didn’t exactly go as planned 😆) But even in the dark the view definitely was stunning.. Luckily for us the sky was clear so there we sat.. Stargazing.. 262m high, at the highest point in Oxfordshire 😍 Too bad we didn’t get that on camera ! But when we got home and sat in our little garden next to the campsite my love did manage to get that amazing sky on camera ! Next day we went to the isle of Avalon.. Just wauw 😍 I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow or so !


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