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Glastonbury Tor

King Arthur and his Knights of the round table.. Joseph of Arimathea.. An area where many myths and legends are associated with.. Yes I’m talking about Glastonbury.. Considered to be the Hearth Chakra of the world, built over very important ley lines.. Also known as the Isle of glass.. The Apple Orchard. The Ancient isle of Avalon..hidden in the mist and only reachable by those who are able to call on the magic boat..The isle where King Arthur was brought to rest after the battle of Camlann.. and where he still is.. awaiting his return as monarch of England.. ☺️ No surprise that after reading all about it my immediate thought was.. I want to go ! Of course I need to experience, discover and explore this myself! And I must admit.. It really was well worth the trip! I fell in love with this place Our first stop was the Glastonbury Tor.. 

With its seven level of terraces that encircle the hill.. shrouded in intriguing mystery.. And this morning shrouded in the mist.. Standing at the foot we couldn’t see the Tor at all.
We climbed all the way up and what a climb it was 😅 but it sure is worth it 😊 The energy there is uplifting yet calm.. Think you should go there and find out yourself..


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