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Lucy Cavendish, Jasmine Becket-Griffith
FijnMijn favo artiesten
Minder FijnGrote, sticky kaarten
Aanrader✅ (als je fan bent van Jasmine)

Omschrijving uit het boekje

You now hold in your hands a book of great secrets, one that has been shut a long time. Within its pages are messages from magickal familiars, once the companions of shamans, witches, wizards, and wise ones-and now, they are here for you. These mystical allies possess the hidden knowledge of shapeshifting, camouflage, invisibility, and metamorphosis. They are ready to share their very honest, truly instinctual guidance for personal and planetary times of transition. These trustworthy companions will lend you their courage, point out new paths, help you make fresh discoveries, spark your creativity, inspire you with encouragement, and teach you to develop abilities to adapt and change not only for survival, but in order to thrive and find peace, joy, accomplishment, and satisfaction in a changing world.

Mijn ervaring

Weer een deck die ik enkel heb gehaald omdat ik de creepy girls van Jasmine en de interpretaties van Lucy gewoon fancy 🙂 Ook dit deck gebruik ik meer voor op mijn altaar en zelfreflectie dan voor iets anders.

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