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A card to describe me in a relevant past live;

✨Queen of Swords ✨

This is a woman who is just, fair, decisive, clearheaded and uses her sword to cut to the matter. She doesn’t shy away from what hurts but moves forward, bringing everything she has learned with her. Remember the person in the boat in the 6 of swords from my previous post who takes with her all the wisdom and the scars? Well this queen of swords has been through a lot and carries with her everything she has learned along the way.. She knows the black, white and colorful, but she’s been in the grey area’s too

My purpose during that lifetime;

✨The Empress✨

She played a nurturing role, care taking, parenting, showing up for friends or strangers and she saw things through while she took care of herself as well.

The Empress teachs by giving one all that he/she needs, so that he/she becomes a teacher him/herself so that they can pass on to others what they have learned about all different facets of love.. Romance, passion, friendship, nurturing and nourishing.

A lesson I did not complete in that lifetime;

✨The Page of Cups✨

The page pf cups is is eager to fall in love, ready to hand her heart over, overflowing with the willingness to open up and share. She has this childlike intuition and innocence and I think she lost all this when she travelled her hard way up to became the queen of swords. 

How is that life relevant to my current life?

✨Queen of Cups✨

Again, we see a person who helps others in their own journeys, who has had plenty of experience in matters of the heart.

She knows who she is and she knows how to listen to her heart.

She is an intuitive person, an empath and she sees people just the way they are. 

The queen of cups can ‘tune in’ to the people I meet and understand them on a deep level.

Because this queen is an empath it’s important that she balances the hand of straight justice, and the hand of compassion & mercy like the Queen of Swords does. When she cares for others, and keeps their heart safe, she must do that like the empress does, without neglecting herself. She can bring all the lessons she has learned with her but must try to keep that open expression like the page of cups holds ?

Be blessed & Stay radiant ?

May ?

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