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After a good night of sleep at the CurryPool Mill we went to visit Stonehenge.. Surely Britain’s greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance… A must-see for us ! and what a beautiful place it is.. surrounded by round barrows/burial mounds, sheep, cows & birds, the Stonehenge site is truly impressive.. Although its original purpose is unclear.. It should be treated as the ancients did, as a place of honor..


About 2 miles of Stonehenge there’s Woodhenge in Amesbury..a neolithic henge and timber circle monument..cavations during the 1970s at Woodhenge revealed that a child had been buried near to the centre of the enclosure.. You can see people still bring flowers to the center.. A beautiful place.. It was well worth the visit !


Old Sarum

After our visit to Woodhenge we went to Old Sarum in Salisbury.. 5000 years of history.. Since we didn’t want to pay to see what’s left of the castle we decided to just stroll around and enjoy the breathtaking views


Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill in Avebury.. a mysterious prehistoric man-made structure’s creation.. Over a 4000 years old. And again.. This also was well worth a visit 



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