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This one is listed in the top 10 of the world’s scariest haunted castles in the world and is said to be one of the most terrifying haunted places around the world ! Since we’re traveling from Vienna to Salzburg we had to visit and of course, experience for ourselves ! Moosham Castle dates back to the 13th century. Built by the Prince-Bishops of Salzburg, Moosham has a strange and very sinister past.

100s of witches were beheaded within the walls of this castle. * It i said some still haunt this Austrian fortress, which is run as a museum today.

Moosham’s persecution of witches was not unique for the time. Three centuries ago mass hysteria swept through the U.S. and Europe. This hysteria was caused by people’s irrational fear that witches lived among them. Witch hunts and witch trails became apart of everyday life.

In Austria, Moosham Castle became the center stage in the Salzburg Witch Trails. Between 1675 and 1690 over 100 people were killed in this castle tried and found guilty of witchcraft.

Another strange part of Moosham’s history is the reports of werewolves during the 1800s. Many deer and cattle were found close to the castle, mutilated.

We booked a tour and I ,must say it was well worth the pay. I expected a chaos of energies, chillings up my spine..but it was noting like that. It was quiet.. the energy was very calm..almost peaceful. Like.. all those crazy things have happend in the past..but i’s okay now. It was impressive though.. the tour guide knew a lot about the history of the castle, about the country and he could tell for hours.. and I could listen for hours.. It sure is a place I’ll never forget.. I recommend you to go there.. if you dare that is !


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